Bloomsbury AI

Bloomsbury AI is an innovative company with world-leading expertise in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our core technology focuses on creating high quality question answering systems with a minimal overhead.

Thanks to our team of passionate machine learning experts, we have a full knowledge of the most appropriate tools to solve this problem problem.

Why Bloomsbury AI?

We provide a comprehensive question answering system.

Our technology can reason about what it knows, and gives explanations for each answer. It can easily be integrated into your website, or published in another medium.

Making a question answer system is easy - you can teach it through natural language.

Company Profile

Founding of Bloomsbury AI

Bloomsbury AI was created by UCL researchers in Sebastian Riedel's NLP group. The team has a prestigious status in the academic community, and Sebastian previously was the recipient of a $1m award from the Paul Allen Family Foundation (Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft alongside Bill Gates).

Guillaume Bouchard, Co-Founder and CEO, led the companies participation in the 6th Entrepreneur First cohort (EF6). Luis Ulloa, CTO, has a unique expertise in large scale computational-heavy software development. He left his role as Project Leader at Xerox Research Centre Europe, where he previously worked with Guillaume on advanced machine learning techniques.

Work with us

We are more than happy to discuss partnership opportunities. Please contact us to discuss at